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Run Your Supply Stores With ALOX4 ERP!
Inventory, Purchasing, Sales & Accounting

Your status: the front counter needs lightning speed for orders, the warehouse has forklift drivers, not accountants, but still needs accurate stock levels, and you need to focus on sales, not run an IT department.

We're Living It Every Day

No one else that builds ERP / Accounting software is also running their software in their own brick and mortar stores and warehouse every day. Watch for info from ALOX4 Labs.

Full Cloud

No virtual machines, no RDP, ALOX4 was built to run as an app in your browser. It is full cloud, and cloud-first. Yes, also on your phone or tablet.

Is your warehouse a mess?

Easily set up inventory zones and get your counts done without delicate, expensive scanners

Ever had a laggy connection?

Normal web pages don't load quickly enough to do front counter sales. ALOX4 runs in your browser but loads ZERO web pages

Frustrated with someone else's idea of how to organize things?

Every shop we work with has a different way they want to categorize items, customers, and vendors. We give you unlimited tagging levels to categorize them and powerful list tools to get things DONE.

Amazed that other tools try to be FedEx, UPS, Hubspot, and SalesForce all rolled into one?

Every company has a few technologies that they love and don't want to give up. Us too! Keep using the CRM or shipper you love.

Can't figure out who did what with people sharing logins?

We do unlimited users. It's common for companies to buy fewer licenses than they need to save money. It just ends up that you don't know who really placed that order, or received that inventory. That's uncertainty you don't need.

Want more OS/device choices?

ALOX4 runs as an app in your browser. That means iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, even Linux are on the table. You're not locked to a PC on a desk.

Still sending screen prints?

That receipt? Print it, email it, or skip it. Text it if you like. It's 2022, PDFs should be easy and automatic when you need them, but data should be device-native when you're not printing it.

Always looking up special pricing for a customer?

Built in pricing rules for groups, everyone, or just one customer. Vary by quantity, with a variety of calculation methods, all automatically applied.
Should you use ALOX4?

Are you a good fit for ALOX4?

The worst software tries to be everything to everybody. We're going to make your day easier by telling some of you right away that ALOX4 is not for you.

Are you a one person business knitting funky caps and selling them on Etsy? Cool, you should definitely head over to QuickBooks or Xero immediately. Tell 'em we sent you.

Do you own a multi-national chain store, with 100 locations spread across multiple countries? Well dang son, very impressive! Probably a good bet the boys from SAP or PeopleSoft are already in a jet and flying in your direction.

Own a restaurant? Delicious! Sorry, ALOX4 tech is not for you, hit up the folks at Toast or Square. They'll cook up a solution for you.

Are you Ford Motor Co, or John Deere Tractor Inc, or Harley Davidson USA? Ok, if your gig is manufacturing plants, pass on ALOX4 and call up IBM and have them get Watson on the case. Get out the big iron, a real mainframe is what you need. Queue the suits!

ALOX4 is designed for companies that:

  • have 1 to 20 stores
  • have 100 to 50,000 SKUs
  • have front counter sales
  • focus on in-person sales
  • order by pallet or container

Sound like you? Awesome!

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When does 40 years of heritage become a liability?

Lots of business software, at its core, is decades old. They've re-skinned it with a fresh interface, maybe even a web portal, but the underlying design decisions they made back in the 80s are all still there. The computer ecosystem had such different constraints back then. Their decisions made perfect sense at the time but are super frustrating to work around now.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to burn it to the ground and start over. No one is thinking Elon Musk should go scavenge some old pieces from the 1969 lunar lander. No one is thinking "Now that we have 3D printing, we can finally build that carburetor we always wanted."

It's common sense that you would design things differently in a world where your phone is 1000 times faster than a Cray-2 Supercomputer from 1985. Don't get stuck trying to add self-driving capabilities to your steam-powered car.

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A Fresh Approach

Your system may perfectly functional... but has a few things users hate about it. That's probably where you are right now. "It works, but..." And unfortunately, those "hate-points" are often so baked in to the core of how the software is constructed, there's no way the company could fix them even if they wanted to. ALOX4 started with decades of experience using systems like this and from the ground up, it's designed to avoid the "hate-points" we've had to scream about over the years.

PDFs everywhere

No Install

Users & Roles

Flexible Taxonomies

Intuitive UI



Receipts with your Logo


Real Human Support

Responsive Design

Free Ice Cream

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Real Commerce

Most of "real commerce" isn't sitting at glass desks on the 50th floor gathering around a virtual whiteboard. It's in the warehouse, the sales floor, the shipping, the special orders, the customer relations.