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Mobile Picking

Mobile picking allows the warehouse crew to get their work done without any paper.

Alox has just released Mobile Warehouse Picking with 3D Imaging. This means the whole team, from forklift driver to team member walking the aisles grabbing items for orders, can pull up a model of the warehouse or showroom and discover exactly which bin is holding they item they are looking for.

You can use Alox's 3D picking technology on any iPhone, Android phone, tablet or computer that has internet. Special ruggedized equipment can be specified if the environment calls for it, but it's not required.

And all of this is directly connected to ordering, financials, and inventory, on one complete ERP package.

"It's pretty standard to for a Wireless Warehouse solution to have an aisle and bin code like W-2-16-B shown to the user." says Anders Green, the founder at Alox. "But there isn't any other full ERP solution out there that natively brings 3D mapping out to the warehouse floor. Especially on devices you already have on-site."

While long-time employees know where common items are kept, the key benefits are:

  • Reduced training times for new employees
  • Quicker item location for rarely picked items
  • Increased storage density is possible now that locations can be more precise