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Managing the physical arrangement of your inventory is important.

  • Custom hierarchy with your own terminology for aisles/racks/bays/shelves/bins
  • Bins can be defined with any height/width/length: they don't have to be the same from rack to rack
  • Can be grouped by "room" in addition to grouping by inventory zone to separate physical space from inventory type classification
  • Label printing in a variety of formats, both dedicated printer and sheet labels
  • Mobile optimized mode for attaching items to bins/shelves
  • Bin query mode

Alox also has full 3D mapping of your multiple sites. This allows showing a rotatable, pinch-zoomable, map with the needed bin highlighted. Your experienced employees probably have a good handle on where everything is, but the advantages really show up with new employees:

  • finding items to pick or putaway for new employees
  • reduced training time for new employees
  • fewer calls to your managers with "uh, where do I find X?"
  • more effective storage space utilization: you can pack small or rarely used items into tighter spaces, knowing they won't get lost or forgotten