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Tech Stack

First, an important note: we know that solving problems is more important than having some glamorous list of technologies. History is littered with advanced technologies that were abandoned. Look at the Edsel vs Ford, or BETA vs VHS tapes, or OS/2 vs Windows.

What we've put together here is cutting edge technologies that are rapidly becoming the standard at the world's largest and most innovative companies. And the good news: these technologies let us solve some critical business problems. It is a massive, nearly impossible undertaking to move an existing product to these technologies... but ALOX4 was born in them.

images2 Our server backend is powered by "node.js". It delivers speed both in development time, and data processing. Here's who else uses it:

  • Netflix
  • Paypal
  • eBay
  • CitiBank
  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • LinkedIn
  • Uber

images1 Our front end, the app you use in your browser, is powered by "Angular". It delivers incredible user interface speeds because it's not loading pages from any server: it's literally an app running inside your browser. Who else uses Angular?

  • Microsoft Office
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Deutsche Bank
  • PayPal
  • Forbes
  • Samsung
  • Delta
  • HBO