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Here are the highlights of how Alox handles inventory:

  • Standard FIFO rules
  • Lot costs are tracked all the way from PO to final sale
  • Lots, their costs, and units remaining in that lot are viewable
  • Costs are calculated both on a standalone and "attribute shipping costs to individual items" basis
  • Every move or adjustment of quantities affects the GL (General Ledger)
  • Each branch can have multiple independent inventory zones
  • Each zone can be further divided into bins, to map your aisles.
  • Each zone can specify its own GL accounts
  • Each item can, if needed, override the GL accounts, down to a per-zone basis
  • An unlimited variety of additional part number types can be specified: "barcodes", "quick codes", "SKU", "part number", "nicknames", any desired name can also find the item in searches
  • Part numbers can be configured to allow multiple entries, for example, items may have multiple barcodes
  • Powerful custom part number tool lets you use alternate part number for individual vendors, customers, or groups of either

Even with these zone GL complexities, Alox uses a system of cascading defaults, so if the items are not unusual in their GL needs, creation of new items requires zero accounting or GL knowledge.