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Front Counter Sales

The Front Counter Sales module is configurable and optimized for speed. When you have contractors in the showroom or picking up material from the warehouse... they have places to be. No time to stand around waiting for slow software. If your existing solution uses web pages, upgrade please, because web pages are too slow for any customer-facing activities. Alox runs as an app within your browser, and doesn't use any web pages at all.

Items are checked for profitability as they're added to the order. If the customers have a a credit account with you, that can be applied to the invoice. Multiple types of payments can be applied to a single order. Signatures can be captured with rugged, industry standard capture tablets. Once completed, the instantly generated PDF can be printed, or a SMS message or email can be sent. The customer's past history, including any special pricing, is automatically pulled up as items are added.

Notes from contact management flow through to order entry, with critical information popping up before the order is even started. Especially handy if a particular customer needs an authorizing phone call prior to their employees picking up material, or reminders about per-customer post sale invoice submission requirements.