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Recommended Hardware

There are many possible hardware solutions that will work with Alox. If the device can run a web browser, you're pretty much done. However, we're happy to share some of the solutions that have been working well in deployment.


For the front counter, a small form factor PC that can be mounted on the back of a screen with a VESA mount is all you need. A popular choice is something like the Lenovo ThinkCentre M70 Tiny which can be reasonably configured in the $400-$500 range. Typical specs are:

  • 8+ GB ram
  • 250+ GB storage
  • Windows 10/11

Budget processors like the Intel Celeron or the Intel Core I-3 can work, but are noticeably slower. lenovo-tiny-desktop-thinkcentre-m700-front-with-pencil-1


Just about any monitor is suitable, but given that smaller monitors are often more expensive due to their low production volume, and larger monitors only add more empty space, we've found that the sweet spot is any monitor between 18-22 inches.


Technically any printer that your computer supports will do, but we recommend avoiding all ink-jet printers due to expense, and similarly, all color laser printers for the same reason. A black and white laser printer with a quick warm up time is the goal.

  • Brother HL-6200DW at around $250
  • HP LaserJet Pro M501dn at around $550. Brother%20HL-6200DW%20 HP%20LaserJet%20Pro%20M501%20cropped

    Signature Pad

    Typically used when selling to customers using in-house credit, these pads record the signature for the invoice, but are separated from your existing credit card processing system. We recommend 1"x5" models in the Topaz SigLite line. The ePad devices are also supported. The entire company must be on the same brand of signature pad.

  • Topaz T-S460-HSB-R (no on-pad display of signature, very tough, for rougher environments) around $100
  • Topaz T-LBK460-HSB-R (on-pad signature display with backlight) around $200 - $250
  • ePad VP9801 (no on-pad display of signature, for rougher environments) around $115
  • ePad VP9805 (on-pad signature display with backlight) around $300 TS460_600px TL460_600px

Barcode Scanner

No specialized barcode mobile computers are needed. A USB barcode scanner can be easily used with a PC, and a Bluetooth barcode scanner can be added to a phone. We've seen these two work just fine:

Eyoyo_Scanner_600px Teemi